Tineke Rensen


“Creating success strategies that help
women become successful.”

Tineke created the The EQUITY Bridge™ “ and helps larger SME businesses to become female friendly. We can’t shy away any more of the fact that women in businesses and organizations play an important role. But is the environment they work in female friendly. There is still a lot of work to do. Closing the gender gap is one of the UN’s SDG’s. Working with government organizations business often need to have gender policy to being able to subscribe to tenders.

The time is over where we try to fit women into a masculine system. Which most businesses still are.

Grand Canyon White Water Kayak Expedition

Tineke was the first Dutch woman on a whitewater kayaking expedition on the Colorado River. This river flows through the mighty Grand Canyon. The flow of a river can show us a lot about daily life, leadership and working in teams and businesses.

Preparing for such a life-changing expedition costs a lot of time. We use Tineke’s Grand Canyon trip as a metaphor to explain our system; The EQUITY Bridge™ .

The EQUITY Bridge™ helps businesses to create a female-friendly working environment.

When mixed teams work well together, there is:

  8 % more team loyalty

14 % more involvement

12 % fewer accidents

  9 % more customer loyalty

The EQUITY Bridge™ working in a Colorado expedition

  • Understanding is about the preparation for the trip. It costs a lot of time. Arranging permits, getting supply rafts to transport everything, food supplies, safety measurements etc.
  • Yield is about the group of people who plan and organize the whole trip. They make sure everything is there, and everybody knows what to do.
  • Quota is about setting the metrics of the trip. Number of participants, duration, daily miles to cover, etc.
  • Implementation is about the actual trip. The Action. Enjoying the rapids, the beautiful scenery and the team spirit.
  • Evaluation. The daily gatherings around the campfire in the evenings to discuss what is coming up the next day. At the end of the trip, when you review it, you can see what an amazing experience it was and what an extraordinary accomplishment you achieved.

The EQUITY Bridge™ working in your business


Analyzing what the current situation is around the gender gap in your business. Creating awareness through training and education.



Yield power to individuals. Put together a kick-off group of co-workers from all the business layers. They’ll come up with ideas. The kick-off group will be supported by someone from the board.


Setting goals and creating an action plan. Setting a deadline



Creating teaching programs, structures and systems to implement the goals and enjoy the process.



Weekly short-term evaluations in the kick-off group.

Evaluate the total project after the deadline.

And go back to a New Understanding

About Tineke Rensen


Tineke has been a female business owner for over 30 years, situated in The Netherlands. She works with male executives to help them understand the women they work with and to transform their organization from a masculine structure to a more balanced organization where there is space for feminine aspects so men AND women will thrive. She is a highly skilled and trained keynote speaker. The best speakers worldwide trained her, such as Andy Harrington, T. Harv Eker and Blair Singer.


She is passionate about helping women grow their businesses because she believes that the business world will change for the better when more women have bigger businesses.

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”

—Tineke Rensen

Tineke’s Mission

The world needs to transform from predominantly masculine behaviour, abilities and energy to more balance between the masculine and feminine. (Which has nothing to do with gender).
When women start to create bigger businesses, this balance will start to shift.
When feminine skills are valued more in the workforce, this will also contribute to a better balance between masculine and feminine abilities, habits energies in the world.
We will grow your business/career together by working with me and taking action.

How it all started

Tineke started her first business when she was 25 years of age. As she encountered more and more women, she found out they had a different approach to doing business. She was the only female entrepreneur in her industry (Outdoor and Survival), and she learned to do business the masculine way. The masculine highly influenced Tineke’s definition of success. Having seen both masculine and feminine ways in business, she realized that combining the two is the best way to run a business and become successful.


Becoming a women’s business coach was the logical move to make. Tineke sold her international SME business, with a team of 25 people, after 22 years.

She has been helping female entrepreneurs build bigger businesses, integrating the feminine way into her approach as she goes along.

She experienced a vast lack of understanding of how women operate in the workforce. Therefore, she is now consulting executives on how to understand the women within their organization, and she shows them how to treat them so they can thrive. She continuously speaks to male executives as the president of SheCredit, (helping women find money to scale and grow their businesses).

30+ Years of Experience!

When she started her first business, there were no computers or cell phones. There was no internet, social media, emails, and websites. When all these came along, Tineke, always the early adopter, embraced these innovations and used them to scale and grow her business. As a business coach for female entrepreneurs, she is one of the few business mentors who can teach you the best ways of the online and offline world. (The old ways still work very well when you want to scale and grow a business!) Tineke now truly is one of the most ALL-AROUND and most experienced women’s business coaches you will find. As a business coach for women, Tineke has written two books. Her English book is titled “Maximum Business Growth For Women.” She has spoken on international stages worldwide, including in Dubai, the USA, and many European countries. She started her business club for female entrepreneurs and hosted monthly events for its members.

Successful Author

Maximum Business Growth for Women

8 Secrets From a National Champion to Accelerate Your Business. A practical,  no-nonsense business book with all the areas of the Women’s Blueprint for Business Success. If you only implement 2 or 3 of the many tips, it has been worth your time

Become The Leader Who Understands And Fully Supports The Women In Your Company.

So They Thrive And The Company Has Better Overall Results
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